1. Plan

    When we receive the floor plan of your new house or remodel from your builder or Remodel Professional. We begin by highlighting the areas where your cabinetry will be. We are studying your Ceiling heights, Door openings, and particular wall depths to make sure your cabinets will fit properly.

  2. Preliminary Drawings

    When we receive the plans they do not include elevations which is the best way for you the customer to see the details of your cabinetry (search cabinet elevations for a visual). These drawings are created in-house by one of our layout members. These drawings along with the plans get reviewed for accuracy before going to our estimator.

  3. Estimate of Plan

    In this stage our Estimator will review the plans and preliminary drawings and create a base price off plan.

  4. Appliance Specifications

    It is critical that we get the appliance specs from the Builder or you Builders client. These specifications will dictate the size openings required in the cabinetry for your appliances. It is very important that your appliances are selected and purchased prior to meeting with our design staff.

  5. Client Meeting

    Once the previous steps have been received/completed then the Client meeting can proceed. In this meeting a design staff member will discuss the options that are available in the construction of  your cabinetry.

  6. Approval on Client Meeting notes and drawings

    After the Client meeting a Design staff member will create a document of the notes from the meeting. These notes will consist of any changes that you decided to make to your  cabinets. These notes and the preliminary drawings that have the redlined sketches are sent over to the client for approval, making sure there are no other changes that they want to make to their cabinetry package. Once all the needed back and forth changes are complete a Change Order to the original estimate is made.

  7. Change Order

    The change order is a document used to show the changes from the original estimate to what the updated estimate will have based on the changes.

  8. Update Preliminary Drawings

    After the change order has been created the preliminary drawings are digitally updated to show all the changes that are on the change order. These drawings are reviewed to ensure accuracy before proceeding to get the estimate updated.

  9. Update estimate

    The updated preliminary drawings and the change order are given back to our estimator to be updated based on the changes on the change order and the updated drawings.

  10. Sign-off/Approval

    It’s now time for you the client to review all the documentation to make sure it’s exactly what you wanted.

  11. Measure

    After the estimate and drawings are signed-off/approved we will schedule to go out to the project site/house to measure, assuring that the drawn cabinets will fit. This step is also contingent on whether or not the project site/house is in the proper stage for us to review all the required information. Once plumbing and mechanical are complete we can then proceed with the measure.

  12. Update Drawings and Estimate if needed based on field measure findings

    If there is a measurement issue that causes the cabinet look to change we will be required to update the drawings and the estimate and get the changes signed-off again by the homeowner or builder.

  13. Final Sign off (If Required)

  14. Release to Production

    Release documents are prepared. Appliance specs are double check for accuracy. Handle/hardware specs are gathered from you or your builder.

  15. Installation

    Our detailed installers will bring all the pieces together to create the home you have been waiting for.